After over two years of thorough preparation, and with the enthusiastic support and active promotion of the global community, the Meta Earth (ME) website was officially launched on March 20, 2024, marking a significant milestone for Meta Earth in presenting its vision and mission to the world. The website serves as a gateway for global users to gain a comprehensive understanding of ME.

(Slogan of Meta Earth:ME, My Way!)

With the official launch of the ME website, Meta Earth, cooperating with Galxe to launch the Meta Earth Social Supporter Campaign on March 20th, aiming to reward our early supporters. For more details please refer to:

Besides, ME Labs is set to launch a one-year public testing event titled “Explorer Tour” for Meta Earth v1.0, aiming to broaden community access to the global market. Despite the ME Network being in the early stages of 1.0, ME Labs is eager for global users to engage in the construction of Meta Earth from an early stage. All early supporters and contributors participating in the public testing event will receive generous AIRDROP rewards.

Currently, Meta Earth released the roadmap of ME on the official website and all relevant technical developments and ecosystems are being carried out in accordance with the plan. While ME Network v1.0 hasn’t completely realized the full vision of Meta Earth, both ME Labs and ME community members are optimistic, given that Meta Earth has a very clear plan for the implementation of its technology.

(Development Plan Map of Meta Earth)

Firstly, Meta Earth starts with its foundational infrastructure, the ME Network, adopting a decoupled, layered, modular design. It will be divided into the DA Layer (Txn consensus), the Settlement Layer (including state consensus), and the Execution Layer. This approach enhances the public chain’s scalability and further improves data throughput to meet the future on-chain ecosystem’s demands for big data and high concurrency processing, providing strong technical support for building a multi-dimensional integrated network.

(Layered Design Architecture of the ME Network’s Modular Chain)

Secondly, by offering a one-stop ME SDK development toolkit that standardizes the development process, we lower the cost of building applications, enabling developers to create innovative Web3 applications or Rollup-chains in the shortest time possible. This provides a continuous stream of momentum for the construction of the Meta Earth ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Meta Earth establishes a comprehensive decentralized identity verification system to protect user data security and uniqueness, returning data privacy and asset sovereignty to individual users by ME ID. Moreover, Meta Earth ensures “one person, one ME ID” through compliant KYC, adopts a national node governance model, and aligns the on-chain identity system with real-world identities, eliminating the misuse of false identities, protecting the interests of the majority, actively embracing regulatory policies of various countries, and promoting the robust, secure, and sustainable development of Meta Earth.

(ME ID is the first use case on the ME ID Protocol)

Meta Earth is not only making solid progress in technology but has also built a sufficiently broad offline community foundation. Meta Earth has established offline communities in multiple countries, including Switzerland, Turkey, Dubai, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Spain, and Indonesia. These communities are not only the cornerstone supporting Meta Earth’s global growth but also a powerful engine driving the prosperity of the Meta Earth ecosystem.

Meta Earth not only carries the expectations of the global community but also attracts widespread attention from industry media and capital institutions. The startup funds raised by ME will be used in key areas such as technology R&D, team expansion, market promotion, compliance and security, as well as the green economy, all aimed at enhancing human happiness and promoting ecological sustainability.

(Mission and Vision of Meta Earth)

Over the past two years, Meta Earth has accumulated a diverse range of collaborative resources, including top universities, financial institutions, regulatory bodies, and media communities, establishing a broad network of strategic partnerships. This diverse partnership endows Meta Earth with stronger competitive advantages, providing a solid foundation and extensive support for ME’s development.

In the future, ME will continue to drive ecosystem construction and technological innovation. On one hand, through its official Twitter account @_MetaEarth_ , ME is establishing close ties with teams from various sectors such as other public chains, oracles, NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, and wallets, to provide developers and users with more comprehensive services and support. On the other hand, ME will insist on continuous technological innovations, enhancing high performance and security, and rolling out more technical components to build its core technological barriers, including the launch of the ME ID Protocol, cross-chain bridges, etc. Following the realization of modularity, Meta Earth will officially initiate a funding support program for the ecosystem developers community, including the issuance of Grants, hosting hackathons, etc., to accelerate the expansion and influence of the ecosystem, innovating and integrating to create technological barriers, forming a broad ecological moat.

(Adequate startup capital is a good start)

In summary, the official launch of the ME website marks Meta Earth’s formal entry into a phase of rapid iteration and growth. We firmly believe that, with the joint efforts of ME Labs and the global community, ME Network will become a leading modular public chain in the data sovereignty field, providing Web3 with high-performance, compliant, privacy-protective, and multi-chain interactive infrastructure. It aims to introduce trillion-level traditional industry application scenarios, promoting the comprehensive prosperity of the digital encryption era.

About Meta Earth

Meta Earth (ME) is based on a modular, high-performance, infinitely scalable multi-dimensional fusion underlying value network — ME Network, which supports the high-concurrency big data processing needs of traditional industrial applications.

And through an encrypted DID (Decentralized Identifier) system — ME ID & ME Pass which can effectively protect user privacy data, and a co-construction & co-governance mechanism which can fully reflect personal sovereignty and equality for all, as well as an economic model which can guarantee UBI (Unconditional Basic Income) without any distinction, Meta Earth is fully dedicated to enhancing happiness for a better life and maintaining ecological balance to promote sustainability.


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